Friday, February 24, 2012

Year of the Apocalypse

The last 12 months have been a tremendously challenging time for me on many levels.  Truly a year of apocalyptic change and upheaval.  Divorce...job loss...beginning a new relationship...selling a house (the one I was building in miniature)...moving...twice...raising a teenage son...learning to be a step dad to my beloved's two children...  Honestly there were times in recent months when I wished the zombies would rise.  It would have made life simpler.

In the midst of such chaos, it is often necessary to set aside certain aspects of life in order to preserve energy and sanity.  Things like hobbies and blogs take a back seat to more urgent matters.  This blog has suffered such a cut.  I offer to my readers my apologies.  Hopefully you all understand.

As life appears to be smoothing out I am hopeful of being able to reengage with All Things Zombie.  As I do so, this blog will become active again.  My goal is to post every Friday, starting today.  I ask you all to hold me accountable to that goal.  If you see I have not posted please ask 'what's up?'

I managed to get some games in several months ago.  It was a wonderful evening ('date night') with my beloved.  (Yes, she even enjoys the 'nerdy games' I play...)  We played several introductory scenarios and I took pics with my iPhone.  Look for a post about that next week.

Until then I wish you all well.  It's good to be back.  Peace.