Friday, November 9, 2012

City Boards

I've been developing a city board for my new campaign.  I wanted something simple to build but modular.  I like the look of some of the boards I've seen on other blogs - especially Vampifan's excellent terrain - and wanted something like that.  This is what I came up with...
I used World Works Games Streets of Legend Terrainlinx. They look great but are a bit of a PIA to cut and assemble so I simplified it.  I decided to make some 12"x12" pieces, some 12"x6" pieces and some 6"x6" pieces.  I decided not to use the fiddly connectors and just glued the printouts onto foamcore.  It turned out ok and didn't take long.
This shot is upside down from the first for some reason but you can see how the pieces break into parts.  The only problem will be if someone bumps the table and everything shifts.  To minimize this I will set up on top of a fleece blanket to help hold things in place.  Eventually I may insert some tiny magnets and metal bits on the edges of each piece to hold everything together...we'll see...

For now I can make a decent 3'x3' table and have enough extra pieces to have a bit of variety.  Eventually each piece will have a front and a back side to add even more variety.

I've also been working on more city terrain to fill the board and built a couple more cars from World Works Games.  These two sedans are from their Mayhem Traffic set.

These two shots give you a sense of scale.  They are pictured with some Hasslefree survivors and a mix of Wargames Factory and Victory Force zeds.
And here they are by themselves.  These are good models.  I did the trick with the dowel for the wheels again, which makes these builds a lot easier. (See here).

That's it for now. I am getting characters set up to start a new campaign in ATZ:FFO. I still need to build more city terrain but hopefully I'll get some games in soon.