Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paneuropean Infantry

Finished the last of my Ogre minis.  This is a group of Paneuropean infantry.  They are meant to be the same shade of blue as the tanks of my Quebecois force.  Unfortunately, I spray coated them with matte spray.  It was a new can and I must not have shaken the can well enough.  I ended up with a mist on them.  After some panicky online searching I came across a suggestion that washing the minis repeatedly with a soft brush and clean water can help.  I was skeptical but having nothing to lose I tried it.  I'll be damned if it didn't help!  They still have some hazy bits but they look LOTS better than they did.  I don't claim to understand the physics of how that works but I'll take it for what it is - a solution.

As a reference for scale, the squares on the mat are 1 inch.

I've got some more projects from the lead pile I'm working on.  I also broke down and bought a new Ogre Mk IV and an Ogre Mk VI.  Couldn't resist the urge to buy some of these great minis now that they are available again.  Will post soon.  Until then....peace.