Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Collection Grows

We finally got a new camera so I thought I'd post some pics of my finished models so far.  You've already met the family.  Now meet 'Doc' and 'Cindy'...

These are a couple more Hasslefree minis to go with my other survivors.  The man with the axe and shotgun is based on 'Ash' from Army of Darkness, called 'Oakley' by Hasslefree.  I chose to give him the axe instead of the film's chainsaw arm.  He will be my friend 'Doc' in my campaign and hopefully will see some action soon.

The little girl is 'Katie' from Hasslefree and as far as I know has no movie counterpart.  I ordered her along with 'Peter' as they were cheaper to buy in a pack.  She doesn't represent any real life people I know although as I painted her I had a friend's little girl in mind.  She loooovvvveeesss pink!  There is something humorous about a little blond haired girl all in pink with a bloody baseball bat surviving the zed apocalypse.

The following pics are of my first zeds.  They are all Wargames Factory plastics.  I bought 48 to get my hoard started and I'm assembling and painting them in lots of 12.  These are the first 12.  The second set are assembled and about half painted.  I'll post them when they are finished.

The figures are average quality and easy to assemble. The details are pretty good but easily obscured by paint so thinner paint is better.  I didn't paint them to as high a standard as my heroes and as they are the first zombies I've ever painted I'm still learning.  I don't think these figures were designed to be single, star quality models but rather to be part of larger hoards.  The individual paint job is not as important as how they look together on the tabletop.

I'm experimenting with different skin tones.  I'll talk more about that when I post pics of the next 12 models.  This first 12 I went with an undead flesh tone of my own mix - some tan, some dark green and some gray.  I think it looks OK but I'm still working on it...

The first one on the left here is my favorite of this group.  He kind of freaks me out in fact!  Something about a redneck zombie in a wife-beater t-shirt that is chilling.  The next one I painted to be wearing a duster.  He's reminiscent of a cowboy wanna-be I used to know...  Next is my attempt at a US postal worker.  He got bit while on his appointed rounds - 'neither rain, nor snow, nor zombie apocalypse...'  Finally is a model that I call 'Opera Zed'.  For some reason he looks to me like he's singing opera on a stage...

These next 4 give you an idea of how you can make different looking zeds even using the same torsos.  Some minor mods and a different paint job and they look unique.  The first on the left is a guy in a black leather jacket.  I imagine he used to be one of those crotch rocket riding biker stud dudes.  You know the type...  Next to him is a standard zombie ambling along.  I like his bald head.  Next to him is a guy with the same torso as biker dude but I've painted him to be some kind of business man.  He looks like he's giving a 'thumbs up' like some lame business types are prone to do...  Finally in this group is a shirtless stud in long pants.  Maybe he was getting dressed for work when the zeds took him down...

The first on the left in this final group is my take on a doctor zed.  He's essentially the same as the cowboy wanna-be but with a different paint job.  Next to him is my second favorite among these 12.  He also is wearing the wife-beater t-shirt and with his lazy, waving, half eaten arm he reminds me of some trailer trash looking for a Budweiser.  Next to him is what I call 'surfer zed'.  Need I say more?  And finally we have my attempt at a zombie soldier.  Maybe he was an unlucky National Guardsman...

Anyway, that's all the models I have painted to date.  I should have more soon.  I'll be finishing my next 12 zeds in the next several days.  I want to buy some ganger types next.  I really like EM4's 'thugz' line...

Until next time...peace.


  1. I went with the same option as you with the Ash/Oakley figure, Pdoid. Nice choice of figure for Doc. You can't go wrong with Hasslefree's adventurers.

    Your zombies aren't bad either. I agree that these aren't really frontline zeds. They're more extras to put in the background. Still, they do allow you to build up a horde for relatively little cost. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    EM4's Thugz are great for Gangers, or should that be Gangstas? They're full of character and lots of nice little touches to them.

  2. Thanks AL! I don't mind lurkers. Don't know why you're angry but I guess that's your business... : )

    Vampifan: Thanks for your comment as well. I noticed that you black lined your WF zeds. That really helps the detail stand out and makes them look a lot better. I wasn't concerned with making the detail pop on these - just wanted to get them on the table. I'll be taking my time with my other figures.

    Have you got the 'gangstas'? I haven't seen them on your blog. Of course you've got so many posts I haven't read them all yet!

  3. Hah, another double. I've chosen Oakley to represent my best friend as well. I've removed his axe and given him a Mac-10 instead. That, a PA shotgun and a Katana should be enough.

    The "Thugz" line is very, very high on my shopping list. I think I will get them this year and complete my collection of "Gangstars" from Obelisk.

    Hmm, to buy or not to buy the WF zombies. I am still not sure about them.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. Yes, PDoid, I do have the EM4 Gangstas. They haven't appeared in a batrep yet and I haven't run a review of them (shame on me!) so don't worry, you haven't missed them. However, some of them make an appearance in my next batrep so look out for them there. I highly recommend them.