Friday, December 17, 2010

Gangers and Zombies

I got a few of the EM4 Thugz finished.  I really like these figures - easy to paint and very characterful.
First up is a sexy chic in jeans and a tank top.  I really like this pose - very contemptuous.  You may not notice the little pistol she is holding behind her right hip...  Next is who I think of as the leader of the gang in a 'bust a cap in yo ass' pose.  Very nice.  Next is a guy with a double barrel shotgun - the heavy artillery of the gang.  And finally is the flash dude - bright clothes, nickel plated pistol, fancy shoes...  Great figures all! 
I also finished four more of my Wargames Factory plastic zeds...
The first from left to right is a zed 'with an arm off', modeled after the zed in Shaun of the Dead who breaks into Ed and Shaun's house.  Next is one with his chest ripped open.  I tried to hint at an exposed ribcage using only paint.  Next is the 'club zed', complete with satin shirt and Chuck Taylor sneakers.  Finally is another doctor zed - this one also wearing Chucks.

Hopefully I'll get another game in soon.  I'll post as soon as I do.  The table is set up....

Just got to get the game on...


  1. looking good, the paintjob on those minis is great!
    cant wait or a batrep whith the stuffmart in! and good luck.

  2. Nice work Doid, love those thugz minis, you did a great job on the painting, I'm just in the process of painting the two thugz in the middle myself ! also the table is looking outstanding, well done mate I'm impressed.

  3. Good work on the gangstas - they are great figures. Your zeds are well painted as well and I love the set up you've got for your next scenario. Is that a hearse in the bottom right corner of the photo? It looks similar to a one that I have.

  4. Wow, what a great table! I'd love to play on that terrain. Epic.

    @Vampifan: Hearse? Looks more like a Porsche Cayenne to me.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  5. @Oliver. When it comes to car recognition I'm totally useless. I don't drive so I don't take much notice of cars. Pdoid's big black car still looks like a hearse from a distance. But, hey, what do I know?

  6. Thanks all for the great comments. I will be getting a game in today and should post before Christmas. Happy Holidays!

    BTW: Whiteface is correct. It is a Porsche Cayenne in 1/43 scale - Fastlane. It is the same car I've used in a few other posts.