Friday, February 25, 2011

Building My House

I started building a model of my RL house to use as a base for my campaign.  I'm starting out by building the basic structure from foamcore board.  After a lot of internal debate I decided to not try to do the interior.  I figured it would take way too long and keep me from continuing my campaign.  As the good people at THW say, 'just play the game!'  I'll use the I, Zombie building rules for any fighting that takes place indoors.
The basic structure is a story and a half house with a sunroom addition in back and an attached garage on the side.  There is also a roofed front porch but all you can see here is the 'slab' for the porch.
I'm experimenting a bit with this project. I decided that I would just draw the doors and windows on and use card or styrene to build up the siding around them.  Since there is no interior I don't need to see through the windows and it saves a lot of fiddly cutting of holes in the foamcore.  I'll paint on the window and door details.
I will probably mount the whole thing on a base that will include the driveway, flowerbeds and back deck.  You can't really see the garage door drawn on the black foamcore but I think you get the idea.
Here's a shot with the family posing in front...
...and around back.  The sunroom has sliding glass doors across the entire back wall - 3 sets of doors.  There are also sliding glass doors in each of the sunroom's sidewalls. All that open glass will make this a tough house to defend but I've got some ideas.  The back deck goes in the space between the garage and the sunroom.
The plan is to build the house as it exists in real life - or as close as possible - and then build pieces that can be added onto the model to show it boarded up, fortified and defended.  These pieces will be able to be removed so the house can be used for early or late apocalypse scenarios.

There are two dormer windows on the front slope of the roof. These will give great roof access and I'm thinking of building a catwalk around the roof as part of the defenses.  We'll see how that turns out!

It has been great to imagine my home in a zombie apocalypse and then to plan how I would fortify it.  A fun project so far and only just getting started!


  1. Looking pretty good so far! Hmmm foamcard, should be easy for me to get hold of. I need some buildings for my city. I like the idea that it is your own house! Make a rule...there will ALWAYS be a zed encounter in that house!!!

  2. That is a really good idea about your own house and it's looking good so far, keep it up.

  3. good work Pdoid, looking good thus far, I'm lookin forward to progress pics, you are a real hands on man(prefer to build them), I just through money at shit, cant be bothered, lol.

  4. You're off to a good start, PDoid. I'll be very interested to see how this progresses. If you have any WWG models or card buildings from other firms, it might be worth looking at their doors and windows, etc. to see if they match up with your own. If yes, cut them out and use them. It's got to look better than painting your own.

  5. Thanks for the feedback. And yes, I'm pretty hands on. A big part of this hobby for me is the creativity and artwork that goes into building and painting. I do have some of the WWG stuff. That's a really good idea to use those instead of trying to paint.

  6. Hah, you're aiming for the secret zombie gaming project of the month contest again, do you? This is going to be such a great piece of terain, even better if you build your whole neighbourhood...

    Building the interior would be nice, just think about doing a 28mm model wargaming table in 28mm...

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. QUOTE - "just think about doing a 28mm model wargaming table in 28mm." This path leads to insanity! I doubt if even I would be mad enough to attempt something like this! Mind you, if you could pull it off, it would look impressive.

  8. Really good work and a great idea.... Unfortunately I'll never be able to do something like this for my gaming table, Where I live, no building is less than 7 floors high!!! XD

  9. I'd love to have a sun room in my house. Hmm... I bet this model would look stunning when it's done. I must say, you have an excellent space allocation.

    -Anthony Blommel

  10. Thanks Anthony. The model is still in progress and I sold the house. I will probably finish the model as a burned out hulk. Life kind of blew up since I lived there. I'm thinking about doing this project again only with my new house. We'll see.