Thursday, February 21, 2013

FFO: Day One

Been gaming but not blogging much. A while back we started an FFO campaign with the Day One scenario. The situation was my wife was at her work place in Downtown Tedolo. Her two kids were at the Catholic Club in day care (we decided the campaign would start in the summer). I was at work at St. Victoria's hospital, also downtown, about 2 miles from the store. Here's the cast of active characters...

Paul Carlson - Rep 4 Star, Free Spirit, Agile.
Marie Carlson - Rep 3 Star, Fast, Initiative

My urban terrain is a bit meager but we made do. The cars will move around in the pics since we were trying to convey lots of action on this first day of the outbreak.

The situation was that we both heard of the outbreak at work and were able to text briefly before communication was broken off. We decided Marie would go to get the kids and bring them back to the store. I would take my car and go to our house, get some weapons and supplies and meet her at the store. We decided the store was the best place to hole up even though it was downtown (urban area) because it is a cement block building with only two, high security entrances that could be easily reinforced. Also, the nature of the family business is such that we would have plenty of luxury items to barter with if we needed.

First up is Marie. She is at the family store with her dad and her brother. There are a number of melee weapons available in the store, including several baseball bats. Marie's dad will stay to guard the store while Marie goes to get the kids. Her brother leaves to go find his fiance. It is a short walk to the Catholic Club so Marie heads out...

The store is in the lower left. Catholic club is the big gray building in the upper right.

Marie encounters 3 crazed civilians as traffic zooms up and down the street. She grabs a baseball bat from the store...
Unable to activate for a few turns, Marie bides her time as the civilians close in on the store entrance...
The crazies start banging on the door of the store. Marie gathers her courage and rushes out to deal with the them...

She makes short work of them with her baseball bat.

Dashing across the street, dodging traffic, she approaches the Catholic Club.

Almost there!
Unfortunately, arriving at the Catholic Club, Marie learns her children are not there! Maybe they've been picked up by their dad?! (Paul is the children's step-dad...) With tears of frustration running down her face, Marie heads back to the store.
Across the street she sees another pair of crazed civvies.

With a grim look on her face, the undaunted Marie closes with the crazies, hefting her baseball bat...

...and promptly gets beat down!
Fortunately, Marie's father was still in the store and saw her go down. He rushes out to the street and carries her back to safety. Marie's brother left with one of the vehicles to find his fiance and has not yet returned.

Meanwhile, a few miles away, Paul has left the hospital in his car and returned to the Carlson home...

The streets are quieter here but a lone crazed civilian seems to be waiting in front of the house. What in the world is that woman doing?

Paul slowly drives towards his house. The crazed civilian seems to be ranting in the front yard, shouting and waving her hands. As Paul pulls up, she glares at him in an obvious fit of rage. Fortunately, Paul keeps a long handled Maglite under the seat of his car.

As soon as Paul gets out of the car the crazy charges, shouting obscenities! Paul stands his ground and times his blow. The Maglite connects and knocks her out, clearing the way for him to get to the house.
Paul is able to get Oscar and Barney, the family dogs loaded up. He also gathers all his guns and any other weapons he can find. He fills the trunk of the car with all the food from the pantry and heads to the family business. (We dice for the drive and he makes it without incident.)

It is a tearful reunion for Paul and Marie. The kids are missing and it is not clear if they are with their dad. Marie's brother has not returned with his fiance. Paul's teenage son lives 30 miles away with his mom and Paul has not heard anything from him. Marie's dad is wondering about his wife, Marie's step-mom. Paul is also wondering about his good friend, David "Doc" Wentlam. How do we gather our people and keep them safe?

The news is telling horror stories. There is still power but it is only a matter of time until it is cut off. It's chaos! The small band needs a plan, but first decides to take stock of their assets.

4 Food units
3 Vehicles (2 with full tanks, 1 with 1 unit of fuel)
2 Pistols (1 with Marie's dad, 1 in his desk)
2 BA Pistols (limited ammo)
2 Pistols (limited ammo)
2 Shotguns (limited ammo)
2 Bolt action rifles (limited ammo)
1 .22 Carbine
3 Hockey sticks
10 Baseball bats
1 Machete
1 Midieval Sword
1 Oak Club
15 Luxury items (batteries, jewelry, cash, toilet paper, printing paper, etc.)

Now to formulate a plan for finding the kids (and everyone else!) and bringing them to the store...


  1. Great start so far, liking the background surrounding it all as well

  2. Good storyline to your campaign.

  3. Great so far, please keep it up.
    I really like the family dynamic you have going.

  4. Thanks all. I'll tell more when I can.

  5. Great batrep! Can't wait to see what happens next.

    Now for "The Plan":
    1. kill some zombies
    2. find kids
    3. kill more zombies

    Whiteface / Oliver

  6. You're off to a good start. No deaths so far, which is definitely a good thing.

  7. damn fine batrep Ironmonk! It's the story that makes it for me - more soon please!

  8. This reminded me how much fun we had playing! Let's again on Saturday! We need to find the kids after all...

  9. Good begining. Looking forward to see how they get on.

  10. Cool beginning! Alas my wife is a gamer but isn't into zombies so my games really are "solo". Though she is watching Walking Dead now so maybe there's hope. Good luck in finding the kids! You've got a good list of supplies and weapons to start as well as a couple of grunts (dad, brother). Well, assuming the brother makes it back anyway.

    Zombie Chow

  11. so far so good, but so many missing, good start and nice terrain set up.

  12. It's been said already, but plenty of equipment is good, missing family is very bad!

  13. Thanks for taking a look, everyone! A new post will be up tomorrow. It's not zombies but I think you will enjoy. Meanwhile, tonight we continue the zed campaign...