Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say "Happy New Year!"

Looking back on 2013 I can't say I posted all that often or that I really did much painting or modeling.  I had a fair number of game nights with the family but we played board games - mostly Settlers of Catan - which is fine but not exactly tabletop gaming.  I got some new games this year, though, which was great fun.  We especially enjoyed Zombicide and Pandemic.

Learning Zombicide...
Kids loved it!
The kids bought me a new game for Christmas.  We haven't tried it yet but it looks like fun.

Still in the shrink wrap but we'll unbox it probably New Year's Day.
Aaaannnd I bought myself a treat for my birthday...
"BIG" does not begin to describe it!
Ogre was my first war-game so this was a mandatory purchase.  Wish I could have gotten in on the Kickstarter but I'm happy with the retail version.  Looking forward to playing this one soon also.

Not much of a year model-wise, but in all other aspects of living it's been good...

Barney got a sweater...
Oscar took some naps...
Elizabeth and I made a baby...
(Due January 17)
The kids had some good times...

Caught the puck at his brother's hockey game.
A new crazy-cool hat!
Dalek socks and Dr. Who book!
...and all is well.

I'm hopeful that 2014 will bring more hobby stuff from this blog.  Meanwhile, I wish you and yours the very best for the New Year and look forward to ongoing gaming, building, painting and blogging in 2014.

Peace to all!  Carry on...


  1. Have a great time, you have a fine gang there. Good luck.

    1. Thank you! I do have a "fine gang". Happy new year!

  2. Great family, wish my lot would play board games

    1. Thank you! I got lucky with this lot. My wife is as nerdy as me and we're raising nerd kids so games sort of go along with that...

  3. Wish you all the best for 2014 mate! (And zombiecide is cool!)

    1. Zombicide is very cool! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like a very nice family life. Keep doing whatever works for you in 2014 as well, I'd say!

    1. Thanks! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Best to you in the new year.

  5. If it ain't broke! Too right! Happy New Year!