Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slow Progress...

My 15mm SciFi project continues to make sloooooow progress.  Not really much to report - only a few WIP shots.

First up, Sahadeen:
I began with a coat of thinned US Field Drab from Vallejo's Model Color line.
Then some Desert Yellow on the bases.
I'm working on painting various bits - hoods, belts, boots, etc. - with different shades of brown.  I will add some bits of brighter yellow or red for contrast here and there. I'm planning to shade using the Army Painter Strong Tone shader just as I did with my Earth Force Marines.

I've also done a little painting on my buildings. I decided to base coat in Khaki Tan, a color I found among the craft paints at Hobby Lobby.  Here are some pics:
Refinery/Power Station with base coat of Khaki Tan.
Barracks/Warehouse with base coat and wash.
All 3 buildings in their current state.
After base coat and wash on the buildings, I highlighted with Khaki Tan and then successive highlights of Khaki Tan mixed with increasing amounts of Ivory.  I tend to use craft paints on my buildings and terrain as it is cheaper.  However, I base coated the doors and bits with Vallejo Chocolate Brown. I will highlight these and add various colors for detail.

That's all I've had time to accomplish lately.  As I said, sloooow progress.  Still, slow is better than stop!

Until next time, carry on!


  1. Nice work sir. Slow and steady is better than none.

  2. Indeed as Bob says slow and steady is the way the buildings are looking great and the infantry is getting there.

  3. Any progress is preogress, no matter how small and it is interesting to see what's currently on your and others workbenches

  4. The buildings really look good with those extra details, don't they?