Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Old School Men at Arms

Following up on my first old school minis post, here are some pics of the rest of the men at arms. I don't have plans to repaint them, but I will probably mount them to some 1 inch bases. They are easily tipped over as is, so bases will make them more stable. Plus, it will give the added bonus of making them better suited to Song of Blades and Heroes. Anyway, enjoy!

Polearms, reverse.
Axemen, reverse.
Sword and shield, kicking.
Sword and shield, kicking, reverse.
Crossbow, reverse.
Sword and shield.
Mace and shield.
Sword and shield, reverse.
Mace and shield, reverse.
I keep walking down memory lane whenever I get these guys out... Next post I'll show you the old school pig-faced orcs I received with these guys...

By the way, the backdrop for my photos, taken on my iPhone, is some of my Dwarvenforge City Builder stuff. Great terrain!

Until next time, carry on!


  1. Huge walk down memory lane for me too. Thanks for posting these guys.