Saturday, July 8, 2017

Castle in a Box

I received my Dwarvenforge Castles Kickstarter stuff the other day.

Main pledge and add-ons.
Couldn't wait to haul it to the basement.
Had to start unboxing in the kitchen.
It's a pile of stuff and this isn't even all of it.
All the add-ons unboxed and spread on the table.
Suspended Parapets set.
Small Tower Batter Bases.
Small Tower Breakout set.
(Allows you to make a free standing tower from a castle corner tower.)
Ruined Walls set.
Stone Bridge set.
Ruined Large Tower set.
Larger Tower Batter Base.
Large Tower Transition set.
(Allows you to add a Large Tower to the corner of a castle.)
Of course that is just all the add-ons that allow me to have some variety in my castle layouts. My main pledge was the Count's Castle...

Count's Castle boxed.
Next week I'll show you what this looks like when it's all put together.

Until next time, carry on!


  1. These pieces look like they are of a fantastic quality.
    For a pre-painted model this is going to be an excellent breathtaking model once put together.

    1. This stuff is top notch. I'm very pleased with the look. It costs, but it is worth it for the quality.