Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Siding the Garage

Been working on my house and got the garage sided.  I think it is turning out pretty good.
Of course I still need to finish the door details and paint everything and then roof it but this shows some progress.
It is a pretty simple process to add siding.  I'm using cardstock cut into 1/4 inch strips and overlapped by 1/8 inch.  I made 1/8 inch marks on both ends of the foamboard walls and then glued each strip into place starting at the bottom and working up.  I marked and cut the strips to fit around doors and windows.  It didn't take too long - maybe a couple hours total work time to finish the garage.  The corners are covered by a vertical strip that is cut to length and then scored and folded to fit over the ends of the siding.  This gives a more finished look.  If you look at the vinyl siding on a real house you will see something similar.
I was thinking cutting the strips would be a laborious process until I realized our document shredder at work cuts perfect 1/4 inch strips.  It only takes about 30 seconds to get a pile like this.  Quick and simple!  My coworkers thought I was nuts when they saw me picking up strips from the floor of the workroom but you learn to live with some ridicule when you are a modeler/wargamer. : )

I still have to put siding on the house and then detail the doors and windows.  Then I will paint everything and add some other details (like lights, meters, air conditioner unit, etc.).  The roof shouldn't take too long.  Putting shingles on will be tedious but I will use a similar strip process that will hopefully make that go a bit faster.

It's a good project and I'm looking forward to seeing it a game.  I need to post some pics of my real house so you can do some comparisons...


  1. It's going great and it's not a simple thing it's a talented thing, very good work.

  2. Love the way you've done the fascia. Superb sir, superb!!!

  3. Looking good and taking shape very nicely. Your tip about your paper shredder was a stroke of genius!

  4. Thank you all for the comments. The work continues... The shredder idea was one of those things that occured to me on my commute. I was thrilled to measure and discover that the strips it cuts are exactly 1/4 inch. It is the little things in life...