Friday, April 1, 2011

Slow Progress

Progress on building my RL house in 28mm is made slowly but steadily.  Today I'm posting some pics of my house along with pics of the model.  I still have to finish a lot of details but I think it is coming along nicely.  Now that the siding is finished it should move along more quickly...

Apparently we need a little Spring cleaning!

Managed to get myself in this photo...

Paint, roof, details and mount it on a base and it’ll be done!
Oh, yeah...and the front porch too!
Obviously it isn't an exact copy but I think it is close enough to be fun and should make for some tense games with the family defending our home!  Once the basic model is finished I will make add on parts to represent it being boarded up and I will build a catwalk on the roof to make it a z-apocalypse fort.  This piece will also make a fine display for my models in between games...


  1. Really really nice!! Excellent work here.
    Having your house in scale must be something to be really proud of!!!

  2. Really great work so far. I love the touch that you are making your own house for use in gaming. Full points for that mate!

  3. Better slow progress than no progress! I'm loving what your doing and the inclusion of the pics of your real house just serves to show what a fantastic job you're doing on the model. When it is finished I'm sure it'll be an awesome centre-piece.

  4. Darrell - you are doing a great job here! And in the process making me doubly envious :(

    First of your modelling skills, they are fantastic! and secondly of your house! Keep up the good work, no matter what pace you manage, as VtG said, anyhting is good!

  5. Thanks all for the comments. I've done more paint and should get even more finished tomorrow. Just ordered the Victory Force Games 50 zombie deal so I need to get this done and focus on figure painting! Will post more pics soon.

  6. Awesome model! I love it.

    You need to cut down all those trees. Zeds will get too close to the building before you notice them. Replace them with Alaska Barriers and paint some trees on the concrete.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. @Whiteface: my thought on the trees was that I would cut them down and lay them in lines around the perimeter, kind of like a big cattle gate, if you know what I'm talking about. Though I like your idea about Alaska barriers! : ) Thinking about it now, a tree chopping scenario might be fun. One guy running a chainsaw to fell the trees while the others try to fend off the inevitable zeds that come sniffing around to the noise... Of course that would be a great way to end up surrounded and besieged by hoards of zeds!

  8. This is incredible. I love it. Looks fantastic. Both the model and your house :)

    Inspired idea, superbly well executed.