Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Work Continues...

I've been away for too long.  Blame it on some big time life changes but I'm back now.  Finding new normals and getting back to being able to just play a bit..

Here are pics of the house project.  It is shaping up nicely.  Just need to finish the roof basically and get it mounted on a base.  Unfortunately I don't live in this house anymore but it will still make a really fine center piece for some games.  Enjoy!

The window lines are drawn in with a metallic Sharpie.  Looks like crap so I will likely do it over...
Shutters turned out OK I think.  Just simple rectangles of cardstock painted black and glued on...
When it is mounted on a base I will build up the 'ground' around the foundation so the doors don't seem to hang in the air...

And I will add a set of back steps to the patio door on the far right...

So, there you have the vanilla version.  But since this is a zed apocalypse I needed make it versatile.  Thus, the boarded up version...

But lest you think I've built two models, let me show you a secret...
I put magnets inside the walls behind each window and door.  Then I made 'board' sections and superglued a magnet to each.  Voila!  Instant boarded up house.  This should make this a great piece for games and maybe a cool permanent display to show off some of my minis...
That's it for now.  Look for me to be posting more regularly again.  Thanks for being patient.  Peace.


  1. Love the idea with the magnets. And again....great idea to make your own house. It really looks great mate.

    Oh and welcome back!!!

  2. What a neat idea with the magnets. Very clever. The house looks almost ready for play and I'm impressed with what you've done.

    And as Johnny said, welcome back!

  3. great job,and the magnet idea is inspired

  4. Very nice indeed! This is a great model.

    I was thinking of making boards that fit over a frame, but your idea is so much easier and better.

    I will have to borrow this idea :-D

  5. That looks Excellent. I can't work out whether doing a version of a house i've lived in would give me nightmares or not though!

  6. Brilliant, simply brilliant!!! :)

  7. Welcome back!

    This house is fantastic, I really love it. Can't wait to see some zombies pounding on the barred windows...

    Whiteface / Oliver

  8. What a come-back! Beautiful model, the magnets idea is inspired! This is incredible sir, well done. Can't wait to see it 'in-situ.'

  9. Thanks all for the great comments! I am hoping to finish it up this week and also get some minis painted. Possibly a game this weekend. I'll be posting more often too. It's great to be back!

  10. Darrell welcome back, I always enjoyed your batreps, and great work on the house!

  11. Thanks, E! Good to be back. I'm on vacation this week but will post more stuff next week. Been painting and prepping... Hopefully a new batrep soon...

  12. Brilliant work Darrell! Sorry I'm so late coming to this ... blame it on me waiting for the batreps you alleged (hint! ;) )