Friday, June 29, 2012

More Painted Zombies...

I've been slowly painting my way through my Victory Force zombies. Here are 6 more for your enjoyment...

Starting at the left we have a zombie in a leather jacket with his arm eaten off.  He reminds me of The Fonz, but that probably dates me.  Next is a pair of zombies wearing what looks like yoga clothes.  I call them 'Zombie Mike' and 'Zombie Jenn' for reasons of my own...

In this group we start with a diminutive zed who I've painted up to be an old man.  I think it is actually supposed to be a boy but I'd already painted him before I realized this. Next is a zed who looks for all the world like Edgar Allan Poe.  I suppose he could also be Tom Selleck, but I went for the Poe theme.  Last we have the ubiquitous 'nurse zombie'.  She's wearing a red name badge because all the nurses wear red name badges at the hospital where I work.
Finally I'm adding one more shot of the alley behind my house.  Somehow I missed posting this in my last post.  I especially like the potholes in this one.  Anyone seen any good pothole modeling out there?
That's it for now.

To all my American friends, have a safe, happy Independence Day!  To my British friends...well...have a safe, happy July 4th.

: )


  1. You've done well with those VF Zombies, there is a lot of character there.

  2. Zombie horde is slowly shuffling together! Well doen!

  3. nice painting Ironmonk, as has been said, the Zeds are getting together for the zombie shuffle! nice growing horde.

  4. Good looking Zeds, these are some of VF's z's that I haven't seen elsewhere.

  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm almost finished with six more. I will post them by the end of the week.