Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bit of Painting...not Zombies.

I did some painting today and finished several models I started years ago as part of an OGRE/GEV project.  I've been clearing out, cleaning up, and reorganizing my hobby life and came upon these.  I don't play OGRE much, though occasionally my kids and I will drag it out.  Still, I'm too nostalgic to just get rid of these models.  OGRE was my first wargame when I was a middle-schooler back in the late 70s.  So, I've decided to finish this lot of Paneuropean forces.  With these finished I will have the core of two armies - both Paneuropean and Combine - completed.  I also have a few OGREs - 2 MK IIs, a MK III and a MK V.

I've gone with a blue and white paint scheme as these are to be part of a Quebecois regiment.  I don't have much experience painting in this scale (6mm or 1/285, I believe) so they look a bit bodgy up close.  They look fine from arm's length though, which is perfect for the tabletop.

First up are two Howitzers.  

And then 6 GEVs.

I bought these years ago with the plan of having large Paneuropean and Combine forces - enough to do most of the scenarios in the rules and have plenty to choose from.  I initially bought enough to do the Icepick Scenario in the OGRE Book as well as the basic scenario.  Unfortunately, they don't make these minis any longer.  I'm hopeful though that with the new Designer's Edition of OGRE coming out, maybe Steve Jackson will do another run of this mini line.  They are great figures and I'd like to bulk out my forces.

It is always fun what one stumbles across when going through old projects.  Often I have my interest renewed.  OGRE has long been a favorite of mine and the rules for OGRE Miniatures are an excellent set for battles in this scale.  Maybe I'll set up a table and have a go!


  1. Ah, Ogre Miniatures is one of my "not quite ready" projects. I keep thinking about getting some figures, but always there's something higher up the tree of needs

    [A long time ago I sculpted my own vehicles for this and scratchbuilt a really big Ogre. I've still got the moulds, but the Ogre is gone...]

  2. Thanks, Colgar. I just noticed that Warehouse 23 has Ogre Minis for sale again! I might have to buy some more to add to the lead pile.

  3. Ogre, now there's a blast from the past. I never got into the miniatures but used to spend many an hour on the board game of GEV. I even tried to adapt it to a OS map of a suitable scale. I think a road atlas did it but the project didn't pan out like I hoped.

  4. Thanks for looking, Irqan. I've had a long love affair with Ogre. Can't say I play it much since middle school but the imagery and story line has always intrigued me. I always thought it could be an excellent fiction franchise with the right authors and backing. Alas, wasn't to be, I guess.