Friday, August 30, 2013

Ogre Lead Pile Reduction

I've been working on finishing off a bunch of Ogre Miniatures I bought years ago.  I've always loved this game and the imagery from it and these models are fun.  I'm delighted to see Warehouse 23 has begun selling these again!  I have enough models to field moderately sized Combine and Paneuropean forces but I will probably buy some more.  I would especially like to get an Ogre in each of the various classes.  Currently I only have a couple Mark IIs, a Mark III and a Mark V.  Anyway, on to the pics...

Light GEVs (front)
Light GEVs (rear)
Light Tanks (Front)
Light Tanks (Rear)
These are all for my Paneuropean Quebecois force.  The Light Tanks look brighter and shinier because I used a different clearcoat finish on them.  I will have to redo them with a matte finish.  For size reference, the squares on the green mat are 1 inch.

Thanks for looking!  Maybe I'll get some zombie stuff up here soon.  I'm planning to buy Wargames Factory's male and female survivors sets once I reduce the pile a bit more...


  1. Ogre and GEV were great games. I remember them well. Thinking about it Ogre would make a fun show game! Thanks for popping the idea into my noggin!

  2. You're welcome, Clint! It is a classic and started many of us into the war-games hobby. These minis are pretty good and with the right set up would make for an attractive and inspiring table.

  3. One day I'm going to get some Ogre miniatures. One day...

  4. They're selling now, Colgar! And not too terribly expensive to get enough to play the basic game.

    1. Ah, it's not a cost issue. I just cannot afford the time, since I'm already too short of it to do projects I have to hand :-( .

    2. I hear you on that. Hence my efforts at plowing through the accumulated pile of minis. : )

  5. Ogre, ogre,ogre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!