Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Assembly Line

I've been on vacation this week with the family.  I'm an early riser and since the rest of my family is decidedly not, I figured I would have some morning down-time for working on minis.  I didn't want to pack my whole hobby table, so I chose one project and brought what I needed just for it.  I decided to work on cleaning and assembling the rest of my Space Demons and Colonial Marines, all from Khurasan.  A simple project and easily doable on vacation.
Colonial Marines, ready to rock.
Space Demons, nearly finished - just need a few heads on the last batch.
My simple workspace, atop a TV dinner tray, supplied with our rental house.
It was early this morning and the house was dark and quiet.
A simple set up in the living room of our rented vacation HQ.
I finished assembling everything this morning.  We pack up to head home tomorrow, so a good hobby week despite being a 6 hour drive from home.  Once home I will undercoat these and get them painted.  Hopefully I can get a bug hunt game in soon!  Might even play with unpainted figures....(shudder....).

On a final note, our youngest was inducted into the Starfleet Academy this week:

Liam in his Command uniform.
We are all very proud!

Until next time, carry on!


  1. "Business" with pleasure, I love it !
    Ensign Liam thoughts would be priceless !

    1. I think actually he was "soiling his uniform" in this pic - he needed a change shortly after. : )

  2. LOL Stealth Hobbying! Great Idea though. Shall look forward to seeing the figs painted.

    Love the Young'uns new outfit as well very stylish!

    1. Thanks! Will get some paint on them soon. I have worked out a paint scheme that should work well.