Sunday, January 1, 2017

High Elf Paladin

Here is another Reaper mini I finished recently...

This time I didn't use spray finish. I don't think I will use spray finish for any character models again. It's fine for units of basic troops, but I hate to risk it with a model I've spent a lot of time on. Instead, I'm switching to using Liquitex matte varnish over a coat of their gloss varnish. Works well.

Clear coated and acrylic base added.
Sword looks HUGE at this angle...just a trick of the photo.
Here he is defending the Holy Elf Caves from an incursion of Bullywugs.
Until next time, carry on!


  1. Fine delicate painting, sir. IMHO = beautiful.

  2. The face looks a bit weird, but the rest looks most excellent.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Very nice, bright and powerful - just as an elf warrior should be.

  4. Hi there - I stumbled onto your blog by accident and am happy I found it. I really like your work and love the clear bases too! Do you have any instructions posted on what steps you take to "re-base" them from the standard black plastic to the clear plastic once you're finished painting? (I can't figure out how you remove them from the black plastic base without damaging the paint job or the miniature.)


    1. Check these two posts:

      Rebasing old, already painted models will require touching up the paint. There's really no way around it.

      For new models, you have to cut the bases off very carefully before painting. I have a pair of right angle nippers that help remove tabs for slottabases. For minis with integral bases you have to very carefully cut away the base and in some cases reshape the feet.

      I do all the cutting/carving before painting the mini and then temporarily mount it to a basic plastic base for painting. Just a dab of superglue holds it well enough for painting.

      Once painted and clear coated, I break it off the temporary base. I usually have to do a little touch up to the feet. Then I use the glue mentioned in the second post above to mount to an acrylic base.

      I'm glad you like my work. Thanks for taking a look!