Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gameroom Taking Shape

Between moving, fixing up our old house for sale, and trying to settle into our new house, I haven't had much time for gaming. Still, I've managed to set up my hobby space/painting table and game room.

A cozy, well lit space.
My wife and I love IKEA products so we made a  run to our "local" store an hour or so drive away. I have been doing some research on display cabinets and settled on the BILLY cabinet with OXBERG doors.

This is only part of my collection.
I will be getting at least one more of these; maybe as many as 5. I like the idea of an entire wall of cabinets for my figures, games, books, and supplies.

Still need to install the lights.
I'm also planning to build a permanent gaming table. I want to make one with a well like I've seen others have online. I'm thinking I might use our old dining room table once we replace it. My thought is to build a table with leaves that can be taken out or added in depending on how much gaming space is needed. My old dining room table would be perfect for that as all the hardware for expanding/contracting the table is already there.

Wouldn't a wall of cabinets back there look great?
I set up some portable tables to get an idea of space and discovered I have room for a 5'x10' table! That would allow for a 4'x8' well with a 6" edge all around. Positively huge! Considering that my Dads and Daughters D&D group is composed of 9 players and the DM, that should about do it.

Yes, that's a mini-frig there by the door.
Who wants to walk up the stairs to the kitchen for a frosty beverage?
The DM's view...
Things are coming along nicely. I've been exhausted for most of the last 6 weeks, but it is well worth it. Moving is never easy but is a great opportunity to take stock, sort through, and reconfigure one's hobby. What a gift this space is to me for that!

Until next time, carry on!