Saturday, April 29, 2017

D&D Dwarfs WIP

Been working on D&D character minis. Here are two of my son's dwarf characters.

First up is Max Heal, the party's cleric...

I like the shade of red on his beard.
I should have made the gem on his helmet a different color though. (shrugs)
This is one of the best jobs I've ever done on a model's eyes.
His fur cloak turned out ok.
Still need to develop the technique to get more realistic looking animal fur.
The hammer and horns are pretty sweet.
The embossed shield.
I'm not sure which god it represents, but, as one friend said,
"that's a coat of arms I can get behind!"
Next up is Gardian, brother and protector to Max Heal...

I'm particularly proud of how his beard turned out.
The red scale mail was an experiment.
I think it turned out pretty good.
The white bases are just temporary for painting. I will mount them on clear acrylic bases, which is my standard base for D&D figures.

These guys accompany Vainglorian, the High Elf Paladin I posted a while back. The rest of the party consists of a male halfling rogue, a female human wizard, and a male tiefling sorcerer. You can just make them out in the fuzzy background of these photos. I will post finished pics of them soon.

Until next time, carry on!


  1. These look very good.
    Excellent work on both the fur cloak and the beard!
    The metal parts do seem in need of a drybrush though as they look a bit dull in the pictures right now.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I like my dwarfs on the dark side, without all the shiny bits. : )

  2. Dwarfs seem to be very popular atm and your renditions are really good.

    1. I've always liked dwarves. I've got several others to paint that, along with these, will form a war band for Song of Blades and Heroes. Thanks for taking a look!