Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Toddler Has Game

This is my youngest, Liam. He is three years old.

Vanilla ice cream cones are one of his favorites.
This is his first game.

Candy Land, the game that has dominated the toddler gamer market for decades.
This is Liam on a recent rainy Saturday afternoon.

Double red! Nice move. I didn't see that coming.
Getting that in situ view of the Ginger Bread Man  mini.
Here he contemplates his next critical move.
In the end, he managed to draw the Ice Cream cone card, leap far ahead of his opponent, and win.
We all started somewhere, sometime, with some game. This proud daddy is pleased to be raising another gamer.

Until next time, carry on!


  1. Lots of great kids' games these days...especially once they get to 5+...Kids Carcassone was a particular favourite with us!

    1. Yep, looking forward to seeing him grow with the hobby.