Monday, November 8, 2010

More Zombies...

I just completed eight more zeds for my games.  That brings me to twenty.  Four more are on the workbench and twenty-four are still in the box.  These are all Wargames Factory zeds.  I didn't do much with these but did make a couple minor modifications.  I also experimented with some blue skin tones.  I think they turned out OK though the pics are not the best.  Mostly I just wanted to get these done to bolster my zed population...

Left to right here.  I experimented with some black lining on the first one.  It does help to bring the detail out on these figures but it is a pain.  I'll reserve that technique for 'feature zeds'.  Next is just a zed in a red tank and black shorts.  Next is an example of blue skin on a business exec zed.  I changed the foot he is eating to an arm.  For the skin tone I started with a grayish blue (Citadel Spacewolves gray) and then highlighted with a mix of that and my own dead flesh mix.  Looks OK, I think.  Next is another zed in a tank.  He's wearing scarlet and gray.  Seems he's a fan of The Ohio State University...

Again, left to right.  The first is wearing pajama bottoms.  I think he's the best of this lot.  The very simple white stripes down his pants legs makes him stand out.  Next is another soldier zed, this time with blue skin.  Next is an attempt at a jogger zed.  I changed his arm and leg to give him a leaning forward, stumbling towards you effect.  Finally is another soldier, maybe he used to be in charge - he seems to be giving an order to advance...
OK.  That's it.  Nothing earth shattering.  I'm still working on my big box storefront.  Should be done soon and then I'll post part 2 of Day One.


  1. They look good to me PDoid! Thanks for posting this as I have a bunch of Wargame Factory zeds to assemble and paint and this has inspired me to get on with it!

    Have you tried using a wash instead of lining to bring out the detail? much easier and it works for me!

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!
    @cmnash: I've tried some washes but find that it doesn't give quite the 'pop' of black lining. It can also give the figure a 'sloppy' look, which might not be bad for zeds. I've been painting these by starting with a medium gray primer (gray auto spray primer). I then paint a base color and add highlights from there. On the skin for this second lot I drybrushed the base color so you can see the gray in some of the recesses. I did use a wash on the reds as that seems to be the only way to add depth to red without it turning orange-ish. I will keep experimenting with this. I'm thinking some darker washes on the clothing would make them look dirtier - that would be good for later in the campaign. BTW: I like your new ATZ blog...looking forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks PDoid.

    I've put some more photos of my zeds up today. I use grey auto primer as well, but only one coat of colours, and then a wash over the top. I've never really got the hang of drybrushing so don't use it ... I'm sure I should, but I like the 'dirty' look the wash gives and don't feel like my figures are missing anything. As always it's down to preferences!

  4. I saw your photos. Looks good! I need to do more work with washes. For whatever reason they usually end up looking spotty to me or the pigment stays on the higher surfaces instead of down in the cracks... Might be a problem with me or the inks/paints I'm using.

    I don't do much dry brushing either. It's more of a 'damp brush' technique I use - somewhere in between regular painting and dry brushing. In some cases I will simply paint gradations of highlights - maybe 3 or 4 layers. Everyone usually finds their own technique that works for them.

    I'm still experimenting on zombies. I've painted a ton of 40K stuff over the years but these are my first moderns. They are much less cartoonish. It is fun! Thanks for the comments.