Monday, November 15, 2010

Stuffmart progress...

Here are some more pics of progress on the Big Box store modular set I'm making.

I also placed my entire collection of painted minis for scale and just for fun!  I actually spent a little time moving the zeds around and going 'errrrggg....arrrgh......brrrrraaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss'...  I'm such a dork!
The survivors are in a tight spot!  Best to retreat into the store and barricade the doors...
Oh yeah!  What doors?!  Obviously I need to paint and detail everything.  I've painted the edges of the foamcore board with black acrylic paint to keep the spray paint from melting the foam.
I've also added bits of cardstock to the corners to cover the edges of the foamcore and for more texture.  Here you can see the outside corner piece I slapped together to add options to the layout.  You can also see that the entrance has doors on the side as well as the front.
I think it will look pretty cool when it is finished...
nothing spectacular but it will add a lot of character to my board...
And here it is in pieces to give you an idea of the system I've come up with.  Next time I should have a finished product to show you!  Until then...peace.


  1. Your work in progress shots are excellent and I like how this turning out. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your finished result. Because I enjoy making scenery so much myself it always fascinates me to see what other gamers make for their tabletop. Keep up the good work!

  2. Starting to look very good, excellent stuff.

  3. Man good work, I'm lovin this, to build a shopping mall must be the ultimate in Zombie scenery, its looking good so far.

  4. PDoid - this is looking really, really good! Keep it up and I'm looking forward to seeing more shots

  5. Thanks everyone! Work progresses - added some detail to the entrance, built an inside corner piece and spray primered most of it yesterday. I'll post more when it is finished...hopefully by the end of this week.