Friday, March 9, 2012

Game Table

Years and years ago, when I lived in Montana, I made a set of game boards.  I had a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood that I cut into four 2 foot by 4 foot pieces.  I painted and flocked the tops with green and brown and then coated them with matte clear coat spray.  I've used them by simply laying them atop a convenient table and can make anything from a 2 foot by 4 foot table to a full 4X8, assuming the under table was large enough.  They've served me well over the years.

For a long time I've wanted to put folding legs on them and make 4 separate tables that can be linked together or stand alone.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across these at Menard's...

They were only $20 so I decided to give it a go.  First I needed to reinforce the plywood boards...

The gap is for the legs to fold into.  I probably should have looked for a set of narrower legs but these will work fine if positioned well.  As it turned out, the folded legs make a great handle on the side of the table for carrying.

I also needed to add a thicker, more solid surface for the legs to attach to...

Then it was a simple matter of screwing the legs into place...

After only a couple hours in the shop...voila!  A couple of stand alone tables...

They are a little bulky.  If I were building these from the start as individual tables I would probably use a thinner plywood.  I might also look for a set of legs that are more narrow at the bottom.  Alternatively, I might cut my plywood into 3 foot by 4 foot sections.  Still, for only a small amount of money and a little time in the workshop I've managed to build a games table that I can set up anywhere.  With care, it can even be moved mid-game.

The table set up for a recent game

That's it for this week  Next week I will have another battle report for you.  Another game night with my beloved.  The pic above is a teaser...  Until then, peace.


  1. I love seeing other peoples table setups, and what you've done is very much along the lines of what I've wanted for myself. Something that can fold up and get out of the way.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice. An elegant solution to a problem we all have. My first gaming table was a full sheet of 1/2" plywood with a 2x4 frame and legs. Needles to say, not very portable and long ago abandoned at my folks house.

  3. That's a great idea. One nice thing about the 1/2 inch plywood is it will be able to take a lot of abuse.

  4. That's a very neat solution and I applaud your effort. It's not something I could do as I'm hopeless at D.I.Y. and woodwork.

  5. I have never thought about buying some folding legs.... oh but now the ideas there.... Thanks mate appreciate the concept.

  6. Thank you, gentlemen. The table seems to be working out well.

    @Luckyjoe: the 1/2 inch ply has held up for years, since about '95. These tables should last at least that long!

    @Vampifan: we all have our gifts. You may not be good at DIY or woodwork but in figure painting and paper craft you put us all to shame. : )

    Any of you that want more details on materials and construction method feel free to ask.

  7. Superb. There's so many different solutions and it's greta to see how we all solve the age-old dilemma.

  8. Thanks, Zombie Ad. There are probably as many solutions as there are gamers...