Friday, March 16, 2012


So, if you've been paying attention at all you know that I am in a new relationship and she likes All Things Zombie.  Well, she also has a couple of kids - a girl, 10 and a boy, 7.  And guess what?  They think zombies are kind of cool too.

A while back we had an evening together without mom.  I had been working on cleaning, assembling and undercoating a few zeds earlier in the week.  They watched with interest and asked a lot of questions which I was happy to answer.  I told them how long I've been painting and playing with minis and they were amazed to learn that I was not much older than them when I started.  I asked them if they wanted to try and they did!  On the spot we got the paints out and they had a go.  I let them each pick out one of the undercoated zeds to work on and gave them a few tips on getting started.  They dove in with gusto!

A Hard at Work

I only got two pics with my phone but we had a great evening and they did a decent job.  For the first time out I think they did pretty well in fact...

A's is on the left, T's on the right
It is great fun introducing The Littles to a new hobby.  We've yet to play the game together but they've enjoyed seeing all the terrain and figures I've collected over the years.  I'm sure in time we will be having whole family game nights.

I have to confess that for years I was a bit anal about my figures.  (I still can be at times but I'm in recovery...)  Maybe it is the perspective of age but I'm realizing that one of the great joys of this hobby is sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy it.  Having a pristine collection is cool, but seeing the eyes of young ones light up when they are invited to participate is even more cool.  So, if you have Littles around, don't be afraid to share the hobby with them.  Who knows? You might even raise a built in gaming group.

On a final note, I'd be interested in hearing how others have introduced their young to the hobby.  Any good tips out there?


  1. Great post. They did a great job on those minis. I've been able to introduce some of my kids to gaming. For actual game playing, we started with Song of Blades and Heroes,because it's a fun simple, game. I sort of introduced them gradually. My youngest I let roll the dice for me. He really liked that, and he's a good roller. Pretty soon he wanted to play, too. Song of Blades and Heroes might be a good place to start for you guys.

  2. Having tried to teach an 11 year old how to paint I must say they are better than he is. So jolly well done. Great job for the ages concerned.

  3. Great to see the family getting together. Now crack that whip on the zombie production line

  4. Those figures turned out really well, future figure painters for when the eyesight is shocking. I got the young lad into LOTR gaming by watching the movies but zombie movies won't be appropriate in your case I think?

  5. What a lovely heart-warming story!

  6. @Luckyjoe: Thanks!! I will definitely check out Song of Blades and Heroes. Sounds like something they would enjoy.

    @Clint: I will pass on your compliments to them.

    @Brummie: Yes! I can see it now...waves of zeds being churned out by the dozens...children covered in paint working feverishly... Hmmmmm...who knows, maybe I could start a zombie painting business... Lol!

    @Angry: These kids are remarkably artistic. I think it comes from their mom not allowing them to watch much TV. They have to entertain themselves (gasp!) and often choose to do art or a craft. While we do enjoy a movie now and again I don't believe any zombie films are in the near future. : )

    @Vampifan: Thanks. It is quite a blessing to be able to share all this with family.

  7. Brilliant!

    To make them interrested... You have already made the first step. They painted a miniature. (and pretty good as well!)

    Firstbattle should be easy for them. May I recommend AKULA half arsed rules. A good base to start out with. Modify it a bit to your needs. I left out the banchees. In one of my older post you can see me having a go with some members from my club. They were hunting celebrity zeds hehe

  8. That is awesome. Leeting someone else at your figures is hard, but sharing is Epic. And they did a pretty awesome job on this two, in fact, a lick of Devlan Mud of other wash of choice and they are actually perfectly acceptable gamer-standard.... first time! Superb!

  9. @Lord Siwoc: They are interested and they did a very good job. I have a copy of Akula's rules. I may start there with them or let them join their mom and I for a simple ATZ game. A simple 'run across the table' scenario would do the trick.

    @Zombie Ad: It is tough letting someone else at my figures but hey, they are kids and how else will they get started? : )