Friday, March 30, 2012

Zombie Killer

This is Oscar...
He's half Beagle and half English Bulldog.  He's a good dog and we love him very much.

We got him in January and in March he was one year old.  He's a rescue puppy and seems very happy to be part of our family.

He has more personality than 10 dogs and is very affectionate.  Truly everyone's best friend.
He looks great in his Ohio State jersey and is always up for some fun with the kids.

These are some zombie miniatures I painted a while ago.  Note especially the one on the far right.

We had a game the other night and several zeds were close to the table edge.  No one noticed but apparently Oscar decided to get in on the action.  My beloved found Oscar with this in his mouth at some point in the evening...

You will note in the above pic the zombie has no head.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Apparently Oscar knows what he is doing when it comes to zeds.  A natural born zombie killer.  Can't fault him for that.

Did I mention he is a good dog and we love him very much?


  1. Great dog!!! Hehe lovely story mate!

  2. Ha, ha. A good dog to have when the outbreak comes!

  3. That's a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A friend and a trained killer, thats something!
    I am more of a cat person, but thats one cute little dog :)

    Just make sure you keep the little zeds away from the monster, he might get hurt by plastics or small parts.

  5. That is one very cool dog. Natural born Zombie killer. Hopefully since he's young he'll get over eating your minis soon. :)

  6. Thanks for checking in and for the comments. I've decided the chewed zed will be my first tabletop corpse for horror gaming ambiance. I have 24 more Wargames Factory zeds to assemble that I am going to convert into corpses so it's all good. Oscar is back in my good graces. : )