Friday, August 26, 2011

More minis...

Just a couple quick shots of some figures I painted recently.  Once again this blog has taken a back seat while I navigate through life's ups and downs.  I'm hopeful that soon I will find time to play a game and post a batrep.  Thanks for your patience...

The survivor on the left is Kendra from Hasselfree, who make outstanding minis with lots of detail and excellent poses.  They are pricey but well worth the investment in my opinion.  I've painted her in shades of purple and blue, revealing her tough as nails character but with a hint of pink party princess.  She even has white leather, fingerless gloves and a white belt to match!  She will be an excellent addition to my group of survivors.  Look for her in my next game.

The ganger on the right is another EM4 ganger from the set I've posted on previously.  I've yet to name this guy but I love the pose, the droopy pants and the overall attitude.  These are great figures with a lot of character and easy to paint.  He will also be in my next game, either as a ganger or survivor I've yet to determine.

That's it for now.  Thanks for hanging in with me.  Once life settles down a bit you will see more of me here.

Peace, D.