Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fill 'Er Up!

I started this project probably 6 months ago.  I got part way through. got discouraged and went onto other things.  I finally sat down last week and made myself finish it.  It turned out ok considering I almost threw it away when I made a few mistakes on it all those months ago.
This gas station is from World Works Games.  I don't remember what set I bought it with but I believe this model is included in a couple of their sets.  It also came with a red, white and blue version.  I may build that version at a later date.
It is a straightforward build.  The canopy and pillars can be a bit fiddly, as can the pumps.  With patience it can come together well though.  You can see my canopy is a little wonky but I'm just saying this is an older station that has some wind damage...
You can't see it really well but I did the sign differently.  The cardstock legs looked spindly to me so I made a different base.  I used some flat black foam sheet material I got at Hobby Lobby a while back.  I sandwiched the bottom of the sign between two pieces and mounted it to another piece with some supports.  I think it looks okay.
Here it is with some models for scale.  Looks like something bad is going down at the local gas station.
Until next time...Peace.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Down on the Farm

I finished the Stoelzel's Farmhouse I've been working on.  I think it turned out well.
Front Elevation
Side Elevation
Rear Elevation
Side Elevation
First Floor View
Second Floor View
Farmhouse Parts
These models are very good.  They are straightforward to assemble and give excellent results without being too fiddly.  Each PDF "kit" comes with several color schemes, including a brick version.  There is also a wraparound front porch for this model that I will put on a brick version I am planning to build.

I printed on regular multi-use printer paper.  The prints would be better if I used photograph paper, but for the cost I am content with the multi-use prints.  I used permanent glue stick to fix the prints to the foamcore board.  The instructions call for using either self-stick labels or spray adhesive but that was too much hassle for my taste.  The glue stick seems to be working fine.  Other than that minor change, I built everything according to the instructions, which were clear and easy to follow.  I did have to buy an Xacto rabbet cutting tool.  You can cut the rabbets with a regular hobby knife but a specialized tool makes it MUCH easier.  (Rabbets are channels cut partway into the foamcore to make strong joints, especially at the corners.)

I did not bother with cutting out the doors and windows.  The model would look better with that added level of detail, but my goal is to get a table finished quickly.  I also did not add the chimney.

I really like the interiors on these models.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the walls.  Be careful with this method though!  One of the upstairs walls ended up wonky because the glue sets quickly and I did not have it quite lined up correctly.  Oh, well, it's an old Farmhouse anyway, right?

There is a bunch of furniture that comes with these kits, which I plan to use.  The furniture pieces look great and seem pretty straightforward to assemble.  I will "decorate" this farmhouse soon.

I purchased the rest of Stoelzel's houses as well as the M.U.C.K. and am eager to build more.  I think this is an excellent way to build an urban or suburban table without too much hassle and with a good sense of scale.  Plus you get buildings with full interiors!  I plan to use these kits to build a "Main Street" type urban center with housing on the side streets behind the store fronts.  I might even be able to manage a fair semblance to East Toledo for my new ATZ:FFO campaign I am designing.

Thanks, Carl, for a great product!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paper People Movers

Just a few quick pics of some card stock vehicles I've built recently.  Many others have done reviews of these builds so I won't say much.  Just sharing a bit of what I've been working on.
First up is a World Works Games bus.  The pic is not the best - a bit dark - but you get the idea.  These are simple to make - a very basic box.  I did not reinforce it and it seems to be fine as is. It wouldn't stand up to having books piled on top of it but it's good enough for my games.
Next is a WWG van.  It also is a fairly simple build.  The only challenging part is getting the hood section to come together properly.  I didn't reinforce it at all either.  I think it looks good and will hold up fine.  I'll just be sure to keep it away from the dog.
Last up is an Ebbles M-11 4X4.  This model is the best Hummer or HMMV look alike that I've been able to find and I really like that it comes in several styles and paint patterns.  A great model but rather fiddly to assembly.  I ended up with some gaps near the windshield/hood area on the right hand side.  It looks fine on the table top but close inspection will reveal some errors.  Still, overall a great model and I will be building more.

One modification I made on all of these models is the wheels.  I found the cardstock wheels with the tabs to be folded and glued to be a huge PIA to assemble.  So I found some wooden dowel that was the correct diameter and cut off small disks to fit the wheels.  I then glued the cardstock prints to the dowel to make the wheels.  On the bus and van I used half disk pieces of dowel and on the HMMV I used whole disks.  It worked fine and was much easier.

That's it for now.  I just bought my new set of All Things Zombie:  Final Fade Out rules so I'm off to read!  Totally stoked for these rules!

Until next time...peace.