Sunday, September 21, 2014

Earth Force Dropship

I finished my Khurasan Lander this weekend.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It is a very good model, in my opinion. I hope my paint job has done it justice.
Paint finished and awaiting matte spray.
Close up of Lander only.
The cargo/troop bay. 
Bay door open, turrets in the background.
I used some old 40K Imperial Guard decals I had around.  They add a little extra detail and give the piece some character.  This will be a nice centerpiece model for my Earth Force Marines army.

 Some on the table shots:
Earth Force Marines deploy onto the LZ...
...while the Lander provides excellent covering fire with it's two tri-barrel turrets.
I painted the windows in gloss coat for some shine. I like the effect.
The Lander prepares to lift as soon as the Marines are clear.
The troop bay is left to establish a hard point on the LZ.
I now have two viable forces for Gruntz 15mm or for THW's 5150: Star Army.  I should be able to develop some scenarios using my Khurasan Space Demons and my Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.  I also have a good supply of desert world terrain.  I will get a game in soon and will post as soon as I do.

Until next time, carry on!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Is this gonna be another bug hunt.....sir?"

I finally finished my Khurasan Space Demons.  Whew!  They took forever.  Not because they are difficult to paint, but rather because I've had a busy summer and there are 48(!) of them.  I think they painted up pretty well.  Very simple scheme - black undercoat, dark blue dry brush, red highlights on tongues, black ink wash.  My plan was for them to look decent from a meter away on the tabletop.  The goal was to make a cohesive looking mob, so I didn't focus closely on any individuals.  Once the bases were finished I coated them with matte finish.  Then I went back over the models and brushed on a clear high gloss finish, only on the aliens themselves.  It is supposed to make them look slimy.  I think it turned out ok.
In process on the paint table.  I think I was doing black ink washes at this point.
Left is washed, right is not washed.
Close up of finished models without gloss coat.
Bases are unfinished here.
Close up of finished models with gloss coat.
Note bases are flocked/textured here.
Comparison of finished model with gloss (left) and finished model with matte coat only (right).
I like the gloss.

Bugs overrunning a small desert colony.

The Hive Queen goads her minions into the assault.
That's it for now.  Until next time, carry on!