Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Assembly Line

I've been on vacation this week with the family.  I'm an early riser and since the rest of my family is decidedly not, I figured I would have some morning down-time for working on minis.  I didn't want to pack my whole hobby table, so I chose one project and brought what I needed just for it.  I decided to work on cleaning and assembling the rest of my Space Demons and Colonial Marines, all from Khurasan.  A simple project and easily doable on vacation.
Colonial Marines, ready to rock.
Space Demons, nearly finished - just need a few heads on the last batch.
My simple workspace, atop a TV dinner tray, supplied with our rental house.
It was early this morning and the house was dark and quiet.
A simple set up in the living room of our rented vacation HQ.
I finished assembling everything this morning.  We pack up to head home tomorrow, so a good hobby week despite being a 6 hour drive from home.  Once home I will undercoat these and get them painted.  Hopefully I can get a bug hunt game in soon!  Might even play with unpainted figures....(shudder....).

On a final note, our youngest was inducted into the Starfleet Academy this week:

Liam in his Command uniform.
We are all very proud!

Until next time, carry on!