Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Old School Men at Arms

Following up on my first old school minis post, here are some pics of the rest of the men at arms. I don't have plans to repaint them, but I will probably mount them to some 1 inch bases. They are easily tipped over as is, so bases will make them more stable. Plus, it will give the added bonus of making them better suited to Song of Blades and Heroes. Anyway, enjoy!

Polearms, reverse.
Axemen, reverse.
Sword and shield, kicking.
Sword and shield, kicking, reverse.
Crossbow, reverse.
Sword and shield.
Mace and shield.
Sword and shield, reverse.
Mace and shield, reverse.
I keep walking down memory lane whenever I get these guys out... Next post I'll show you the old school pig-faced orcs I received with these guys...

By the way, the backdrop for my photos, taken on my iPhone, is some of my Dwarvenforge City Builder stuff. Great terrain!

Until next time, carry on!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Song of Blades and Heroes

My 11 year old and I have begun playing some Song of Blades and Heroes. We've been enjoying it very much. Here are some shots of a recent game:

Giant and Ogres advance. Heavy infantry, defending the farm, move to meet them.
Heavy Infantry looking to swarm the Giant.
Dwarvenforge tudor cottage and stone cottage.
Heavy Infantry and the Leader engage the Giant!
The Giant falls, wounded, but not out.
End game. Giant and remaining Ogre sweep the farm buildings.
Note the scattered dead...
We used some of those men-at-arms old school minis I mentioned last post and the minis from my 1st edition set of Descent. It was a giant, two ogres, and two giant wolves versus 7 heavy infantry, an archer, and a leader. The battle swung back and forth several times but in the end the giant's team won the day. Their 11 year old commander was stoked! Obviously I failed to capture all the action in photos, but you get the idea. Good times!

Song of Blades and Heroes is a very good, if simplistic, rules system. I'm going to pick up the Advanced version soon. I'll let you know what that is like.

You also might notice my two cottages from Dwarvenforge. I have fallen in love with their City Builder system and have some more being shipped to me. There will be more battles...and next time maybe a proper battle report.

Until next time, carry on!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blast From the Past

Life is allowing me to blog once again. This is the first post in a long time and the beginning of more regular posting. Thanks for taking a look!

A very good friend of mine - a guy I've literally known since we were in 1st grade - recently gave me his ancient collection of old school D&D minis. I remember playing with these when we were in middle school in the late 70s. It is an awesome gift!

There are a bunch of figures, some painted, some not. I will be posting pics of them over the next several weeks. Here are 3 human warriors - an archer; a spear and shield guy; and a sword and shield guy:

If I recall correctly, these were Heritage or Citadel figures, some of the first of these types of models to be mass produced. The paint jobs are original; something like 35+ years old. We used Testor's enamels back in the day so they've held up well. I'm not planning to change a thing! The nostalgia is too great.

I'm especially grateful for this gift as many of the figures are ones I had in my collection. Regretfully I traded, sold, or gave all of mine away over the years. Thank God for good friends who keep stuff in boxes for a long, long time.

Anyway, I thought some of you old timers might be interested in walking memory lane. And maybe some of you newer folks might appreciate seeing how far we've come. : )

Until next time, carry on!