Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Long Time Ago....

I've been a Star Wars fan ever since my 11 year old imagination got carried away by that Star Destroyer looming onto the screen firing at Princess Leia's corvette. Star Wars IV: A New Hope literally changed my world and set me on the path of Geekdom that I still walk with pride today. So, when Fantasy Flight Games started advertising Star Wars: Legion, I was hooked instantly. The iconic figures seen in miniature grabbed my attention and I knew in an instant I'd be buying this game. My copy arrived last week and Star Wars: Legion is my new obsession.

Beautiful box art...FFG's usual high quality.
Outstanding components...again, as usual.
The 4 Year Old is as geeked as his old man!
Minis are excellent!
Even dry-fitted straight from the box they look suburb!
Simple assemblies with exquisite detail.
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
Someone's just begging to get Force choked!
The only down side here is that the figure scale is BIG. I measured a Stormtrooper and he is 35mm from the bottom of his feet to eye level. Definitely much larger than the 28-32mm "heroic" size minis produced these days. It is disappointing that I won't be able to match these figures in games with the rest of my 28mm collection. Still, I have to say I'm very pleased overall with these figures and this game.

The rules look interesting. I haven't played the game yet, but the mechanics look to be simple with enough variety and "crunch" to make for a good tactical tabletop wargame. I'll write up some battle reports when I've played.

Obviously I will need to build new terrain to fit this larger scale, but, hey, who am I kidding? I'm feeling geeked about that too!

FFG is releasing an entire line of Star Wars: Legion figures and models. I anticipate blowing the gaming budget on this stuff for quite a while.

Until next time, carry on!

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  1. The force IS strong with this one! - and with the latest movie scheduled for DVD and Blueray release this month, it's cause to celebrate early!
    Why wait until May 4th? "Happy Star Wars Day" :-)


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